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Alices older form.

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Alice being kept artificially alive.

Alice is a young Russian girl who suffered from dissociative identity disorder. Alice had an imaginary friend whom she named Laloo who had the features of a cat. The voice actress for Alice on the movie is Misako Kuno.

She was the younger sister of the boy who firstly came into contact with the Medusa virus during the meteor shower in Siberia. It is hinted, and later confirmed by herself, that she was abused by her family, and thus suffered from dissociative identity disorder, using an imaginary friend, a cat-boy named Laloo as a mean to endure her harsh life. She was the sole survivor of her whole family when they all died due to the Medusa infection, and in such a moment she unconsciously gave birth — literally — to her imaginary friend, which emerged from her own body and started devouring her brother's deer. Frightened, Alice locked him up and set her house on fire, destroying her family's corpses and killing Laloo, but also spreading Medusa around the world thanks to the fire's smokes.

It was after the fire that she was approached by Ivan Coral Vega, who took her in and used her as a guinea pig for his experiments with the cold capsules created by Peter Stevens. What happened to her was initially left unknown, and Alice was firstly introduced to the reader as something of a malevolent apparition, often smirking cruelly at the survivors' struggles or talking to the massive monstrosity that was Shizuku Ishiki. Only later, when Kasumi Ishiki encountered her, she revealed herself to be a mere ghost, a projection of the mind of the real Alice, still locked into a sealed lab deep inside Level 4. Apparently she never aged, and after all the experiments she endured, what was left of her was only her head, her left arm, and a portion of her chest large enough to contain her heart and one lung, kept alive by medical equipment and the sheer power of Medusa. As a tribute to her namesake, she was guarded by a massive white rabbit automaton born from her imagination.

When Zeus' army stormed the lab she was sealed in, she escaped, though doing so put her life at great risk. After discovering Marco Owen's corpse, she burned what was left of her life to resurrect him, vanishing after performing such an act.