Ivan Coral Vega was the Russian founder of Venus Gate, a religious cult which came to see the power of Medusa as a gift from God himself and which took Alice in after discovering her in Siberia. Though her suffering, it could be attributed to him and his religious views could have been easily labeled as senseless fanaticism, Vega was indeed left speechless and horrified by the sheer cruelty of Zeus, whose true identity and goals he was oblivious of, and during the chaotic outbreak at Level 4 he sealed himself inside his study, deep in the facility.

He recorded the entire story of how Medusa came into being, how it could turn imagination into reality and what really happened in the lab, ending his last speech asking Alice for forgiveness, before killing himself with a shotgun blast in his mouth. Much later in the story, Vega's dead body would be discovered by Kasumi Ishiki, Marco Owen, Katherine Turner and Tim Laisenbach.