Monkey Fist (voiced by Tom Kane) is one of the recurring villains that appears in the 2002 television series Kim Possible and also one of the three secondary villains in Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Cold-blooded Serial Killer.


Little is known of Monkey Fist before his first encounters with Theodore Seville (not knowing that he was being possessed by Donald Walls), but it is known that he was a leader of a group of bikers, and two of his members were Dr. Drakken (John DiMaggio) and Shego (Nicole Sullivan).

In the summer of 2003, Monkey Fish, Dr. Drakken, and Shego stops at a small convenience store at Monterrey Park, California. Both Dr. Drakken and Monkey Fist held Toby Seville (Zachary Levi) hostage while Shego was making trouble for Rebecca Kingston. When she has Toby's thrown wallet, she wants Rebecca to ask her politely for the wallet back with a word "Ma'am", so Rebecca does. Both Monkey Fist and Dr. Drakken let Toby go. While he and Rebecca get ready to leave, Monkey Fist was outside in front of the store, drinking a can of lemon tea as he sees Toby and Rebecca inside the car. When Toby starts the car, Monkey Fist starts smashing the car windshield that Toby was driving. However, Toby runs over the gangs' motorcycles, causing Monkey Fist to and shout in anger while Rebecca praises Toby as they drive away.

The three bikers stop at the suburbs of Riverside. Monkey Fist goes to a haunted house across from Julie Ortega's house and discovers Dr. Drakken has been murdered. When he sees Theodore Seville (possessed by Donald Walls), he grabs a ninja sword, hoping to defend himself from the bloodthirsty killer. Theodore/Donald continues his scope out of the barn, only to have Monkey Fist appear and start attacking him with a ninja sword. Theodore/Donald counter-attacks by hitting Monkey Fist with a baseball bat. When Theodore/Donald trying to kill Julie Ortega (Anjelah Johnson), she runs into the haunted house. She is suddenly met by Monkey Fist, who survived his earlier fight with Theodore/Donald. Enraged, Theodore/Donald turns his attention to Monkey Fist, by using a ninja sword to chops off his left hand. Julie continues running in fear as Monkey Fist gasps in horror after Theodore/Donald chops off his left hand and hacked him rapidly with his ninja sword. Monkey Fist's one-handed corpse, was later found and eventually taken away by the paramedics.