Ron Portman
is a black man hailing from the United States. The most physically strong of the survivors, he was something of a fatalist, frequently lamenting on how hopeless the situation was and how useless struggling to survive would be. Despite his lack of optimism, he nevertheless tried to escape with his life, though he refused to enter Level 4 and was left behind, his leg injured.

He was the first to witness Peter's revived, insect-filled Medusa form, at whose sight became frightened and ran away, struggling by himself against the perils of the ruined facility. He almost drowned when Marco, oblivious of Ron's presence, drained the facility's main shaft from a massive flood, and later reunited himself with Kasumi, Tim and Katherine. His fatalistic approaches gone, this time he stood firm with the conviction of protecting not only himself, but also those with him, which prompted him to rescue Katherine despite her being on the verge of death.

Captured by Zeus with Tim, he too was to be transformed into a beast soldier, though when saved by Marco he remained mostly human, save for his hair, which turned pink.