Timothy Laisenbach or Tim is a male protaganist of the story. He is voiced by Akiko Yajima . Tim is a young boy who is infected by the Medusa Virus.

Quite resilient and mature despite his age, he formed a tight bond with Katherine, seeing her as if she was his mother, though calling her auntie in the process. Due to him being so young, his role is relatively minor, though sometimes he proved himself to be a precious asset to the team. Also, on more than one occasion he was briefly possessed by Alice, whose presence forced Tim into a zombie-like trance.

He was later caught with Ron and forced to undergo a metamorphosis to turn into a beast soldier, though the process was halted halfway by Marco and left him with furry hair, elongated canine teeth and a fur-covered arm with claws, which made him similar to Zeus' beast army and thus allowed him to control one of their dragon-like mounts. He was one of the survivors at the end of the story, again reunited with the harpy-Katherine.

Tim 2 - Copy

Tims halfway transformed into one of Zues's beasts.